Best Watch Brands for Women: Top 10 Trendy Yet Affordable Watches

Best Watch Brands for Women's

Looking for the best women’s watch? Whether you are after a dress watch or a casual sport watch, the best watch brands for women have some of the coolest wristwatches for you. And, they are not the most expensive women’s watches—simply, these are the best!

Women’s watches come with different features, sizes,s, and styles. The best watches for women also come with different price tags.

Watches just got stylish — these are available for as low as $10 but some watches have a hefty 6-digit price tag. For instance, this Omega Deville women’s watch will cost you over $25,000 and this Rado Royal Dream Jubile women’s watch will make you poorer by over $60,000.

What Are the Top Best Watch Brands for Women under $1,000?

How many of us can actually afford such an expensive wristwatch? But even if we can, do we need such a costly timepiece? You know the answer. Most of us need an everyday watch that is classy and reliable. We also want a wristwatch that won’t make us bankrupt.

We have compiled a comparison list of top bestselling watch brands for women. These are not the most expensive ones (you see, the best watches are not necessarily the most pricey).

But the lady’s watches listed below are finely crafted, durable, reliable, and the most popular among women. The top-selling women’s watches in the listed range between $10 and $1,000.


Note: This article is about Women’s Watch Brands.
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Review of the Top 10 Watch Brands for Women ($10 to $1,000)

Top 10 Best Watch Brands

A watch is not just a timepiece. It also works as jewelry. A nicely crafted watch makes a great style statement. It’s also an investment.

So, you are looking for a go-to watch—a watch for daily wear. A watch that looks stunning and works perfectly! And, a watch that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! But selecting the best watch for women that meets all these conditions is not easy.

Watch #1 – Timex Watches for Women


Timex T5K459 1440 Sports Digital women’s watch is a vibrant wristwatch with powerful features. It features 2 time zones, a daily alarm, 24-hour chronograph, countdown timer with stop and repeat—all are useful for everyday use and exercise.

It also has a digital day/date display and an INDIGLO night light. This watch for women is water-resistant to 50 meters. It has a silver case and the purple resin strap completes the look.


Sport look and feel—not suitable for formal occasions.


Timex is one of the top watch brands for women. It is synonymous with durability and style. And the Timex T5K459 1440 sports digital watch is a feature-rich timepiece at a great price.

It comes loaded with a 24-hour chronograph, a daily alarm, and a 24-hour countdown timer with stop and repeat. All these make it an ideal wristwatch for your daily exercise routine such as running, swimming, jogging.

It’s lightweight, trendy yet practical. The soft resin strap makes it extremely comfortable to wear. Overall, the Timex 1440 sports digital is one of the best watches for women who are on the move.

Watch #2 – Invicta Watches for Women


Invicta Women’s 5377 Square Angel Diamond watch has a stunning look. The dazzling silver tone with the stainless steel case and bracelet make it truly a feminine watch. It has reliable Swiss quartz movement. This watch is water-resistant to 100 meters.


This Invicta watch has a somewhat bigger face and bracelet compared to regular watches for a woman. While it is ideal for bigger women, for teens, the size of the watch may be overwhelming.


Invicta Women’s 5377 Square Angel Diamond watch offers great value for your money. It’s elegant yet practical. The robust mineral crystal is packed in a stainless steel case for durability.

This women’s watch is water-resistant as well. That means you can flaunt it everywhere—at work, formal events, parties, and at the beach.

The chronograph looks rich and has superb feminine appeal. So, want to impress your female partner? Your lady will surely love this watch. Overall, Invicta has done a great job of creating one of the best watches for women.

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Watch #3 – Casio Watches for Women


The Casio LA11WB-1 Daily Alarm Digital Watch is a timeless classic watch for women. It has a stopwatch and a countdown timer making it the perfect sports watch for ladies. With a black dial face and resin case and strap, this women’s watch by Casio is lightweight and extremely comfortable. It also features a daily alarm, hourly time signal, and an automatic calendar.


Though the watch is packed with features, it looks cheap. Not suitable for formal events.


When it comes to sports watches, Casio is one of the affordable watch brands for ladies. The Casio LA11WB-1 is a great sport watch with tons of functions and features.

It boasts a digital stopwatch, a countdown timer, a daily alarm, an hourly time signal, and an automatic calendar. It comes with 2-year battery life.

This women’s watch has a digital display with a Quartz movement. The Resin case and Resin band make it lightweight and comfortable on the wrist. So, whether you play soccer or are a runner, you can rely on the Casio Women’s LA11WB-1 Daily Alarm Digital Watch.

Watch #4 – Skagen Watches for Women


Skagen Women’s 358SSSD Silver Dial Mesh Bracelet Watch is a finely crafted classy watch for women. It has mirrored border and silver-white dial with 12 crystal indicators all packed in a small 28 mm stainless steel case.

The Signature Skagen Silver Mesh band makes it even more elegant and gives a rich feminine look. This women’s watch boasts Quartz movement for accuracy. This watch comes with a lifetime Skagen warranty.


This women’s watch by Skagen is too classic for fashion-oriented women.


The Skagen 358SSSD Silver Dial Mesh Bracelet Watch for women is the ultimate example of function-meets-fashion. The ultra-slim design is lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. One of the best watches for women, this Skagen watch is a go-to wristwatch.

This is an ideal dress watch and can be worn at work and other formal events. As it is powered by quartz movement, accuracy should not an issue. If you are after a stylish dress watch, this Skagen ladies timepiece is the watch for you.

Watch #5 – Michael Kors Watches for Women


Michael Kors MK5039 Ritz Horn Watch for women has a stunning and very feminine look. The scratch-resistant mineral crystal dial is surrounded by the diamond-patterned bezel ring.

It has 3 sub-dials for the day, date, and military time. The gold luminescent hands complete the overall look. Powered by the quality analog quartz movement, this women’s watch gives precision timing.


This watch has an acrylic bracelet. While it looks elegant, this Michael Kors women’s watch is not for you if you like heavy bracelets. Moreover, the dial is a bit larger compared to the regular watches for women.


Michael Kors is one of the best affordable womens watches. Their watches are probably the most affordable, stylish, and popular wristwatches.

The Michael Kors MK5039 watch is a unique example of beauty-meets-performance. The attractive golden color and the large dial make it suitable for modern-day corporate culture. And a perfect gift choice!

At under $200, it offers the best value for money. Overall, the Michael Kors MK5039 Ritz Horn Watch is the perfect choice for anyone who wants an affordable wristwatch that looks rich and feels comfortable.

Watch #6 – Best Bulova Women’s Watches


The Bulova Women’s 96R19 Diamond Chronograph Watch has exquisite look. It has mineral crystal and 33 mm dial with an analog display packed in a stainless steel case.

Powered by the Japanese Quartz movement this timepiece gives perfect time. However, the best thing is its extravagant modest look. The stainless steel is easy to wear and comfortable on your wrist.


The diamonds used in the watch don’t have enough sparkle though these look great.


The Bulova 96R19 Diamond Chronograph is an everyday watch for women. It boasts a silver dial with sparkling pearls and stainless steel bracelet.

This Bulova women’s watch has a sharp feminine appeal and can be worn at work and on formal occasions. With such an elegant look, comfort, and functionality, this Bulova watch is a perfect dress watch.

Watch #7 – Best Armitron Watches for Women


Armitron Women’s 752433BLK has an ultra-modern design. It boasts a black dial with 3 silver-tone hands and a sparkling diamond at the 12 o’clock position. The face is small and uncluttered.

The sleek stainless steel bracelet completes the overall feminine look. The dial is protected by the mineral crystal dial window. This Armitron Women’s watch has Japanese Quartz movement with an analog display.


For this impressive watch, the battery life is not that impressive. It deserves a better battery.


The Armitron Women’s 752433BLK Bangle watch is precisely designed for modern women. The uncluttered and small face and the sleek stainless steel bracelet make it the perfect dress watch.

It features a protective mineral crystal dial window, analog display, and silver-tone dot markers with a sparkling diamond at 12 o’clock. The bangle bracelet comes with adjustable links.

Powered with the Japanese Quartz movement, this Armitron ‘NOW’ collection watch is one of the best affordable womens watches. And, the best part is its price. This classic women’s watch is available in the under $100 range (for under $50, to be precise).

Watch #8 – Best Fossil Watch for Women


Fossil ES1967 Stella Quartz White Dial Watch is an elegant yet tough and durable women’s watch. It looks stunning and has Japanese Quartz movement and is quite accurate.

This watch also features a scratch-resistant mineral that ensures long-lasting charm. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters—adequate for daily uses.


While the watch is durable itself, the crystals on the bezel are hard to maintain. Moreover, the white resin case is not impressive though it reduces the weight and makes it comfortable to wear.


Fossil is known for its finely crafted and high-performance watches for women. The Fossil Women’s ES1967 watch is lightweight and comfortable on the wrist.

It’s powered by the Japanese Quartz movement which is quite reliable. It also comes with three blue mother-of-pearl sub-dials that boost the vibrant feminine look.

The scratch-resistant mineral and crystal-accented bezel make it one of the affordable watch brands for ladies in its price range.

Watch #9 – Best Movado Watches for Women


The Movado Women’s 604759 “Amorosa” collection watch has a sleek and chic design.

It boasts trademark Museum® dial and at 23mm case size. This watch is nicely crafted for the women’s wrist.

The curved bracelet should be comfortable on your wrist. The clasp is adjustable with multi-setting.


For a bangle watch at around $500, the price is a bit high for some women. Well, you get what you pay for.


The Movado Women’s 604759 Amorosa is the minimalists’ watch. It’s incredibly well presented and has a powerful feminine look.

This Movado “Amorosa” collection watch comes with the Movado Museum round black dial. With 2 silver-tone Dauphine hands and a single mark at 12 o’clock, it has the ultra-clean look.

It boasts Swiss Quartz movement with an analog display. The protective sapphire crystal window and the stainless steel case and matching bangle bracelet make it long-lasting.

Overall, the stunningly simple watch is an ideal example of Swiss craftsmanship –a great investment timepiece and a perfect gift item for your female partner!

Watch #10 – Best GUESS Watches for Women


GUESS G12557L women’s watch have a rich look and dazzling appeal. The analog watch features Quartz movement and silver-tone luminous hands and the numbers, all packed in the silver-tone case.

The polished steel bezel is set with crystals and adds appeal to this watch. The polished stainless steel bracelet looks equally nice. This watch for women is water-resistant to 100 meters and can be worn everywhere.


GUESS women’s G12557L watch has a 40 mm diameter case and 20 mm bandwidth. This size is slightly larger than the regular watches for women.


The GUESS G12557L silver stainless steel bracelet watch is a dress watch for women. The multi-function watch boasts brilliant Swarovski crystals and three sub-dials for the day, date, and military time.

The complete silver-tone look is perfect for formal use. Polished stainless steel case and bracelet make it durable.

The high-shine silver-tone watch uses Quartz movement for adequate accuracy. This women’s watch is water-resistant to 100 meters and comes with a ten-year warranty.

Overall, GUESS has done a commendable job of creating this masterpiece for ladies. And that positioned them as one of the best watches for women.

If you are after a budget-friendly go-to watch that looks stylish and works perfectly, the GUESS G12557L silver women’s watch is for you.

How to Select the Best Affordable Women’s Watches Brands?

You may want a go-to watch. You may also be looking for a casual timepiece that you can flaunt at parties. Or you want a sports watch?

You may also want more than one watch for different occasions. With so many watches for women available, selecting the coolest watch that suits your taste and budget could be a tough task.

So, what kind of watch are you looking for?

When selecting a perfect timepiece there are certain things to consider. Some of the most important include:

1– What is Your Budget?

Women’s watches come in every price range. Therefore, the first and foremost important thing is fixing your price point. Needless to say, some watch brands of women are very expensive.

But in reality, there are some good watch brands for women that won’t break the bank. There are decent quality watches in $200-$500 range. But that’s up to you to decide. So consider your budget and go for the watches in that price range.

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2– Watch Materials

Do you like a leather band watch? You may also prefer a metal bracelet such as stainless steel. Are you looking for a sports watch? What about a diamond-encrusted luxury watch? Choices are plenty.

Most of the watches are quality women’s watches in their respective price range. You have to determine what material you prefer.

3– When and Where Will You Wear the Watch?

Your watch should be practical. Suppose you love scuba diving. Then your watch should have high water resistance — at least 200 meters.

But if you are looking for a dress watch, it should be formal, classy, and sophisticated. It should make a style statement as well. So depending on the purpose, pick the best watch brands in your price point and material.

4– What is Your Style?

Oh, you love white watches? What about a simple and classy black (or a white) watch? But these might look conservative and you may want a flashy wristwatch. To understand your style first and pick the best affordable women’s watches that meet your terms.

Whatever your style, pick the best watch that comes in your budget and fulfills your requirements.

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