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Best smart watches smartwatch comparison

Best Smart Smartwatch Comparison: How Smart are these SmartWatches?

SmartWatches are new and hip! Many modern devices, particularly mobile phones – ordinary or Smartphones, have reduced the need for a traditional watch.

Nowadays people don’t need a wristwatch to check the time. Instead, they want a multifunctional device that can provide several other features including taking record of time. Smartwatches do exactly the same — The ‘Smart’ Watches are wearable computers—a wristwatch computer!

Smartwatch Options: Be Smart to Pick the Best Smart Watch!

Want to stay ahead of the trend? Want a smartwatch to make your life more convenient and easier? We have compiled a list of the best smartwatches along with their reviews.

Smartwatch Comparison and Reviews


1 – Pebble (e-Watch) Smartwatch for iPhone and Android

Pebble e-paper Smartwatch for iPhone and Android!


Pebble Smartwatch has a simple and sleek design
Easy setup
E-paper display allows for easy viewing
Multiple customizable watch faces
Water-resistant up to 5 ATM
Standalone timekeeping–your Pebble watch can still tell the time when not paired with the phone.
Syncs with Android and iOS
Downloadable Apps – pebble has the potential to run lots of unique Apps
Reasonable price


Most of the available apps are from third parties
Unpredictable battery life- if kept Bluetooth active, you may need to recharge it every 4-5 days
For some people, the plastic body may look cheap
Relatively smaller screen


There’s nothing out there like the Pebble. The Pebble Smartwatch has solid basic functions. Instantaneous notifications, nearly 7 days of battery life on a single charge, simple and lean design, excellent water-resistance, perfect Syncs with Android or iOS, and very modest price make it is a clear winner among the smartwatches available.

Pebble (e-Watch) Smartwatch Review

The Pebble smartwatch was primarily designed based on a concept: ‘A watch that could display messages from a Smartphone’.

Pebble Watch has excellent iOS and Android app compatibility. Users can get alerts from email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and other social media accounts and phone calls.

Some of the apps are not available right now. But you can still use several third-party iOS and Android Apps. If developers write apps for Pebble–and they will surely do so as it’s become too popular–these apps will be available shortly. So the potential is huge.

Pebble smartwatch is equipped with an ideal easy-to-read e-Paper display that results in low power consumption and improved sunlight readability.

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Pebble is available in 5 exciting colors–Gray, Jet Black, Cherry Red, Orange, and Arctic White. You can customize different watch faces as it comes with several watch faces and you can download more.

The e-Paper comes with an understated design, up to 7 days of battery life, and standalone timekeeping. You can control the music playing on your phone. Along with such features, at a very competitive $150 price tag, Pebble has become one of the best smartwatch brands.

2 – Sony Smartwatch (Android & Bluetooth)


A decent selection of apps
Multi-touch color display
Low price but looks rich and elegant
Lightweight and stylish modern watch design
Sony SmartWatch 2 gives real-time email, text messages, social media updates, and phone call alerts
Music control by a Bluetooth–adjusts the volume or track on your music player or Smartphone
Sony SW2 is splash-proof and dustproof–Okay to wear in the rain or in the shower


Sony SmartWatch 2 cannot work without an Android Smartphone connection
Doesn’t support iOS-based phones

Sony SmartWatch 2 combines the latest technology with a sleek design in a form of a wristwatch. SW2 is perhaps one of the best smartwatches for Android-powered devices.

Despite some poor areas such as shorter battery life and poor sunlight readability, it serves as a multi-functional watch — answer phone calls, take photos, control your music player, and use it as a fitness tracker.

Sony SmartWatch 2 (SW2) for Android Phones

Sony Smartwatch 2 (SW2) is their second-generation smartwatch. An earlier version was Sony SmartWatch (also called MN2SW). SmartWatch 2 provides an easy way to connect with the world, especially when your Smartphone is out of reach.

SmartWatch 2 supports Android 4.0 (and higher) and connects to the smartphone using Bluetooth. You can take photos, handle calls, and adjusts the volume or track on your music player. It notifies texts and phone calls. Just with the touch, you can access social media services such as Facebook and Twitter right on your wrist.

SW2 features a 1.6-inch touch color display and comes with an Aluminium casing. Interchangeable wristbands and responsive controls are other impressive aspects.

Its water-resistant body and impressive sunlight-readable display make it a take-it-anywhere smartwatch. However, the best thing about SW2 is a decent selection of apps. You can easily get them at Google Play.

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With such features, Sony SmartWatch 2 is one of the world’s leading sellers of smartwatches.
So if your Smartphone is Android, Sony SmartWatch 2 (SW2) is the wristwatch for you.

3 – Martian Watch Passport SmartWatch

The First Voice Command Watches for iPhone and Android!


Looks classy
Can be used to screen and answer incoming calls
Voice command smartwatch or use Siri – Hands-free calling
Useful for screening text messages
Excellent vibrating feature
Decent battery life
Easy pairing for basic speakerphone calls– Excellent audio quality
Works with most Bluetooth-enabled phones
Free Application for iOS and Android
Wide selection of watch bands to match your style preferences


Not water-resistant
Bluetooth speakerphone is not useful in noisy outdoor environments
For some people, the large size might be an issue
Price is too high expensive compared with its competition


Fine watches, but slightly overpriced. The Martian SmartWatches are stylish and elegant. Martian is the first voice command smartwatch in the world. The ability to voice control your phone from your wrist makes them more convenient to use.

Martian Watches: 3 Models – Review and Comparison

Martian Watches offers three different models: Passport, Victory, and the G2G

1- Martian Passport, Price: $299
Case size: 39 x 37 x 13.34mm
Shape: Slightly rectangular

2- Martian Victory, Price: $299
Case size: 41 x 41 x 14.8mm
Shape: Rounded

3- Martian G2G Watch, Price: $249.00
Case size: 39 x 37 x 13.34mm
Shape: Slightly rectangular

Martian watches are the perfect blend of form and function. All the Martian watches come with a stainless steel case, silicone or genuine leather band, scratch-resistant glass, and Japanese analog quartz movement.

Other standard features include command and selection buttons, directional personal speaker, 3-Axis Accelerometer, Micro USB port, 96 x 16 pixel graphic OLED display, noise-cancellation microphone, Bluetooth 4.0 low energy chip, LED light, and the “Light Touch” Vibrating Motor.

Martian smartwatches are available in a variety of black and white combinations with a watch face/white band combo. On the other hand, G2G watches have a range of ‘fun’ models with colored faces and matching silicone bands.

These come with a stylish yet standard watch design with an analog elegance. However, the best thing about Martian watches their voice control system for iPhone & Android phones.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that offers crystal-clear calling, hands-free voice commands, messages and alerts display, and Smartphone camera control, Martian Watches are worth every penny.

4 – Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

Runs long, Runs Smoothly!


Functional and quality design–attractive and styled yet comfortable to wear
Strong display–a big, colorful display
Perfect sunlight readability
Works beautifully with your Samsung Smartphones
Easy and intuitive menus ensure greater convenience
Easy to screen or answer incoming calls without touching your Smartphone
The speakerphone is loud and clear
Built-in 1.9-MP camera—you can record video and snap photos


Limited compatibility with other devices–only supports Samsung’s email and messaging apps
Dependency on the Note
Slightly expensive compared to the competition


Equipped with a 1.6-inch OLED screen, a 1.9-megapixel camera, an 800MHz processor, a microphone, and a speaker, Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is definitely one of the best smartwatches out there. However, it doesn’t come cheap. But, you pay for what you get.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Review

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is one of the best smartwatches available on the market. Receive and make phone calls, screen, and draft text messages, create calendar alerts, take photos and videos, and share them online—without touching your Smartphone.

The Galaxy Gear boasts some impressive features. With a robust design, and a1.9-megapixel camera, 1.6-inch touch-friendly display, an embedded speaker that facilitates hands-free calling, 60 pre-loaded apps, longer battery life, Samsung Galaxy Gear is almost as capable as your Smartphone.

Its voice-sensitive technology ‘S Voice’ allows you to control the functions of the watch with your voice. Samsung Galaxy Gear is available in several exciting colors — Yellow, Brown, White, Grey, Orange, and Black.

5 – Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Smartwatch

Most Rugged and Fully Water-resistant Bluetooth SmartWatch!


Gorgeous design
It is rugged–Casio G-Shock Bluetooth is probably the most rugged smartwatch
Incredible battery life – 2-year battery life with regular Bluetooth usage
Built to last– withstands abrasion and knocks
Fully water-resistant down to 200 meters
Allows two-way communication with your Smartphone
Get notified of calls, texts, and emails
Set-up is quite simple


Currently only works with iPhone and iOS
No text message notifications
Casual look — plastic build, cannot be worn on formal occasions


Casio Smartwatch is tough and long-lasting. It does email and calls notifications effectively. With G-shock Bluetooth you need to worry about a charging cable.

It comes with an unparalleled 2 battery life with regular Bluetooth usage. It may lack some fancy features, but if you are looking for a rugged and durable watch with long battery life, this low-energy Bluetooth watch is for you.

Casio G-shock Smartwatch Review: The Low Energy Bluetooth Watch

Casio is known for making tough and long-lasting watches. Its latest models Casio G-shock GB-6900B and GB-X6900B are rugged and durable. Casio does not say them the smartwatches– calls them Bluetooth Smart.

These watches work with Bluetooth 4.0 and are claimed to be a low-power consumption communication method.

In addition to standard G-Shock features that include chronograph, alarm, calendar, countdown timer, music, world clock, and backlight, Casio G-shock Bluetooth smartwatches offer:

Casio G Shock Bluetooth Features:

Ability to control Smartphone music player
Phone call alert
E-mail alert
Text message alert
Social media alert such as Facebook, Twitter, etc
Calendar notification
Phone finder alert
Bluetooth connection lost alert

Casio G-shock Bluetooth Smartwatch is the most rugged and built to last. It also withstands abrasion and shock. You rarely get the level of shock and water protection from other smartwatches out there.

It is fully water-resistant up to 200 meters. So you need not take off your watch for workouts, showers, or swimming. After all, what’s the use of a smartwatch if you can’t wear it all the time?

So, enjoy the benefit of connectivity with your Smartphone without sacrificing style, with the G-shock Bluetooth.

6 – Cookoo Watch SmartWatch, Bluetooth 4.0

Cookoo Smart Watch: Doesn’t Need to Be Recharged!


Simple, beautiful, and sporty look
Unpretentious and well constructed
Super-long battery life
Supports iOS devices
Useful proximity alert
Reasonable price


Cookoo watch has a few features


The Cookoo Watch is simple and well designed. It has decent battery life. You get social media, texts, emails, and calls alerts.

If you fancy of simple-yet-sporty watch rather than a geeky device on your wrist, at $130, the Cookoo smartwatch might be an extension of your existing Smartphone.

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Cookoo ConnecteDevice Watch Review: A Bluetooth Watch for Your iPhone

Cookoo ConnecteDevice offers full-fledged smartwatch functionality including notifications for incoming calls, missed calls, social alerts such as Facebook posts/messages, calendar reminders, etc.

A round face analog-digital display looks beautiful. The smartwatch comes with the remotely trigger phone’s camera, 1-button music control, and location tagging.

Other features include one-button Facebook check-in and low battery level alert. It also alters you when the device is out of range. Cookoo smartwatches are 5ATM Water-resistant.

Cookoo comes with a standard button-cell battery helping you avoid the burden of recharging the battery regularly. In fact, the best thing about Cookoo is its decent battery life. It lasts up to 1 year for connected display and up to 3 years for the analog watch movement.

The Cookoo watch has no digital display to show your text messages. When you get an alert, a set of lights built on the Cookoo display light up.

7 – MetaWatch SmartWatch

The Feature-rich Smartwatches!


Well-built and durable
Eye-catching design
Colored backlight
Lightweight and comfortable
Supports Android and iOS devices
Simple setup
Customizable widgets
Delivers smartphone notifications to your wrist
Decent battery life


Limited app support
At $229.99, MetaWatch Frame is slightly overpriced

The Verdict:

Meta watch smartwatches are feature-rich wristwatches. But, these are not the perfect smartwatches. On the other hand, well-built watches come with a lot of widgets and can put a wealth of Smartphone notifications on your wrist. So live in the moment.

MetaWatch Smartwatches: Meta watch Strata and MetaWatch Frame

Meta Watch is among the most feature-rich smartwatches available. MetaWatch smartwatches are meant for the adventure lifestyle. Where you go, these will keep you up-to-date. These come with customizable widgets. While the MetaWatch is well-built, elegant, and stylish, they are a bit thicker than the competition.

If keeping yourself up-to-date is a top priority, the MetaWatch smartwatches are a solid companion device. Meta watch offers two models: Watches Strata and the MetaWatch Frame.

Meta watch Strata Smartwatch Review

It supports iOS and Android devices and offers everything that a typical smartwatch does–it delivers texts, emails, phone calls, and social media notifications. It has a 5 ATM water-resistant body.

With the reflective mirror display, light sensors, double injection-molded PU band, anti-glare optical coated glass lens, stainless steel top ring, and the tough PC poly case, Meta watch Strata is one of the most rugged smartwatches.
Considering the features, the lightweight and durable smartwatch is very reasonably priced ($179.99).

MetaWatch Frame Review

The MetaWatch Frame has a stylish body. Perfect for adventure lovers, the Frame smartwatch features a classic stainless steel case, stylish leather band, scratch-resistant glass lens, and 3ATM water-resistance.

Designed to complement your Smartphone, the MetaWatch Frame is elegant, business-like, and ready to go. It supports iPhone and Android Smartphones and provides text messages, incoming calls, social media, and calendar events alerts right on your wrist.

You can control music playing on your smartwatch through a built-in music app. Available in all black or all white, it also comes with a wide range of customizable widgets including the stock market and weather updates. There are provisions for the display of the Bluetooth connection status, battery level status, etc.

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that is feature-rich, rugged, and elegant, check out the MetaWatch Frame.

8 – I’m Watch SmartWatch


Solid build smartwatch
Stylish design
Headphones slot
Full-screen text display– easily readable text, Twitter and Facebook messages
Alerts and lets you view e-mails, calendar, and social media updates, and phone calls
Responsive touchscreen
Easy to use
4GB integrated storage


A limited number of Android or iOS apps
Short battery life
Not water-resistant
Slightly expensive


The I’m Watch has a fascinating design and smart interface. It is one of the few best smartwatches that support iOS and Android-powered devices. Some software updates can improve the overall performance of the device and make it more stable and easy to use. Finally, at $449, it might be a little expensive.

I’m Watch Review

I am Watch is not just a watch. I’m Watch is the perfect combination of style and technology. It’s very stylish, young and dynamic. It connects via Bluetooth and brings e-mails, phone calls, SMS, and social media notifications directly to your wrist.

The well-built smartwatch comes with a fascinating interface. The elegant watch, however, is not without glitches. Though it works with iOS and Android-supported Smartphones, its in-house apps are pretty basic.

The easy-to-use device offers alerts and lets you view e-mails, calendars, and social media updates, and phone calls. However, the best part is its full-text alerts.

It has a clear and bright display and you can check Twitter and Facebook updates in full display.

Its app Cloud system lets you manage your apps and data via the web. One of the most high-tech watches supports iOS, Android, and BlackBerry 10. So with I’m Watch on your wrist, you can leave the phone in your pocket or on your desk.

So What the SmartWatches Actually Do?

A smartwatch is a multi-functional device. It comes with several advanced features. The best smartwatches should be able to do all (or the most) of the following:

1- Run mobile apps and operating systems: Preview incoming alerts such as text messages, calls, emails, and alerts and accept or ignore them immediately – without spending tons of time on your phone.
2- Hands-free calls directly, without touching the mobile screen.
3- Voice commands: You can draft messages, set alarms, and check the weather with your voice – again, without touching the phone and the watch.
4- Take photos and videos.
5- Offer playback of FM radio.
6- Function as a portable media player and play audio and video files via a Bluetooth headset
7- Track your physical activities. Some smartwatches come with built-in GPS and Accelerometers and work as a Pedometer.
8- Control several other devices such as music player etc.

And of course,

9- Smartwatches tell the time too!


Smartwatches are a craze nowadays. Every second ‘modern, fashion-conscious’ person is using it. People just want a smartwatch. Everyone wants to use one and doesn’t care about the reason — there is just no reason why they don’t. And the trend is increasing.

This trend compels the watchmakers to come out with more advanced, radical, and unusual watch designs to attract customers.

Earlier considered a niche segment, now almost every player in the watches, IT, gadgets, technology, and fashion business is jumping into the smartwatch market and bringing out new devices.

Smartwatch is an emerging trend and gradually receiving mainstream attention. But a smartwatch is not a traditional timepiece.

Neither are these just used to make a record of time. In fact, a smartwatch is the combination of your traditional timepiece and Smartphone with the functionality that is enhanced beyond timekeeping.

Usually, a smartwatch works in connection with a Smartphone and offers notifications, weather alerts, e-mail messages, and phone calls, in a convenient manner, all from your wrist. In fact, these are comparable to a personal digital assistant (PDA).

A perfect smartwatch should have elegant look. As it’s on your wrist all day, it must have a glance-able display. Besides good looks, it’s to be simple and convenient.

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