Top 10 Best Selling Nixon Watches [Reviews In 2021]

Best Selling Nixon Watches

Best Selling Nixon WatchesThe brand Nixon focuses on providing cool, distinctive-looking watches with a smart design and looks to suit every occasion. The hip watch brand creates exceptional collections which represent their vision and understanding of current traditions.

Nixon Watches are the perfect blend of excellent workmanship and amazing style.

The main theme that binds their watches is unique designs that look great when worn, at a price that does not break the bank — making it one of the most admired watch brands.

Top 10 Best Selling Nixon Watches: A Watch Comparison Guide

Below is the comparison (features and price) of the top 10 coolest Nixon watch designs. These are the best-selling timepieces as well. The Nixon watch comparison guide given below is based on the real customers’ reviews and ratings on

Review of the 7 Nixon Watches That You Would Love to Own

Nixon watches are inexpensive and trendy at the same time. their watches have caught the interest of millions of youngsters, especially the ones associated with the sports like skateboarding, surfing, etc.

Here are seven watch designs that are simply delicious to look at.

1) Nixon A099-001 Kensington Women’s Watch

With a stellar design, these watches are absolutely a delight to wear thanks to their utter simplicity and elegance.

Nixon Kensington dazzles with a delicate design with a perfectly rounded dial and thin straps that accentuates the very elegance of womanhood.

The Nixon A099-001 Kensington Women’s Watch is dainty in design; yet, it has a definite feel to it, since it is not a small watch by any means. However, this watch can be high maintenance.

Regular cleaning and polishing will ensure that the watch strap stays pretty over time. The watch face is quite durable and can withstand a good deal of wear and tear without much complaint.

That indeed makes up for a lot of its flaws. In other words, the Nixon A099-001 Kensington is essentially a dress watch for ladies.

Verdict: Overall, the Nixon A099-001 Kensington women’s watch is one of the best watches for women under $200.

2) Nixon Time Teller Acetate Women’s Watch

The Nixon A327-717 Nixon Time Teller Acetate women’s watch boasts an acetate watch design is definitely something worth looking at twice. The unusual analog window is surrounded by a plastic bezel and strap which is colored in funky shades.

Definitely eye-catching, the watch design has a very youthful vibe. That does not mean that it cannot be worn by older people.

The Nixon Time Teller women watches are specially designed for the fashion-conscious people who want an unusual design and love to flaunt contemporary style.

The water-resistance of the watch is still around 100 meters, and together with the plastic strap, it makes an excellent watch for sports and for a woman of action. The Nixon Women’s A327-717 Time Teller Acetate watch is available in a range of colors to choose from.

Verdict: The Nixon Time Teller Acetate is colorful, trendy, and modestly priced at about 100 dollars; arguably the best women’s watches in the $100 range.

3) Nixon The Vega Women’s Watch (A726947-00)

The distinctive design of the Nixon A726947-00 Vega women’s watch, with a rectangular dial, and an unusual strap can make it look quite adventurous. And, the design comes in many colors that make it easy for the wearer to choose her colors or pattern.

The dial of the Nixon A726947-00 Vega watch for women either aligns itself with the band material or contrasts sharply and you can pick and choose from the designs the one that suits you best.

The bracelet-like strap is stretchy and can fit around a number of wrists without much adjustment. It might not be suited to too thick or thin wrists, though. The Nixon watches are battery operated and keep quite accurate time.

Verdict: The Nixon Vega watches are trendy and accurate. The vibrant and colorful designs are girly and have a hint of sophistication too!

4) Nixon Unit 40 Watches for Men & Women

The Nixon Unit 40 Watches come in a number of colors. Thanks to the digital face of the watch, which is segregated into a number of sections, including date, day, time, second, and outside temperature, with a single glance a lot of questions can be answered easily.

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Besides, there are other features which are pretty useful – for example, a stopwatch and an alarm. This watch is excellent in keeping time and can be used for casual purposes.

The Nixon Unit 40 unisex watch comes in a number of colors and is water-resistant to up to 100 meters.

Verdict: Although the temperature gauge might not be always accurate, the watch itself is a great timepiece. Price: This unisex watch is available for about 100 dollars.

5) Nixon Kensington A108-109 Women’s Watch

The key to the design is its simplicity, yet when Nixon Kensington designs a watch with a leather strap, there is nothing more than a simple dial, which is easy to read, accompanied by a singularly simple strap.

The simple dial of the watch has two white markers, and a second marker as well to check time down to the second.

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The Nixon Kensington A108-109 Women’s Watch features a push crown that is easy to manipulate to determine the time. It’s a minimalistic design that is easy to wear at an event as well as a casual occasion. The look of the watch makes it pretty easy to blend in.

Verdict: Nixon Kensington A108-109 watch for women is for those who love simple and sophisticated timepieces.

6) Nixon The 42-20 Chrono Unisex Watch Rose Gold

Although the color of the watch cannot be called a masculine one, it takes a man to pull off such a style and a color, but making the Nixon the 42-20 Chrono Unisex Watches, Nixon opens the doors to future opportunities and adds a dash of oomph to the existing line.

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The rose gold color is definitely unusual, and it is all over this watch – be the dial, the bezel, or the strap. It is not a small watch by any means – indeed, it’s quite large and looks good on both male and female wrists,

and the design itself is quite sober, with three chronographs on the face of the watch, and a white pair of markers indicating the time. The watch has enough gadgets in it to keep a watch-lover happy for a considerable period of time.

Verdict: The size of the 42-20 Chrono unisex watch is perfect for both men and women. So, while this is a quality watch for men; ladies, if you are looking for a larger-sized women’s watch, this timepiece is for you.

7) Nixon 42-20 Chrono Watch All Gold

There are times when flamboyance is the key, and the Nixon 42-20 all gold chronograph watch is definitely so. It has a golden face and a rotating golden bezel.

The watch also has a set of chronographs set together which makes the dial look slightly messy, but the simple indicators on the face of the watch make it easy to check the time.

The gold has a tendency of wearing off in time, so it is advised to keep it serviced and polished every once in a while. The watch itself looks great, but the quality of the plating leaves a lot to be desired, and it takes a lot away from it because it is a bit of high maintenance.

Verdict: The Nixon 42-20 Chrono All Gold (A037502-00) watch has a rich look and contemporary style. Definitely one of the quality watches under $500.


The Nixon watches detailed here definitely show that the watch brand has a lot to offer – in both traditional and funky segments.

These watches can be easily worn on casual as well as formal occasions, or for day-to-day wear, like going to the office or to the gym.

The very versatility and attractive price of these watches make this particular brand a great one for those who are looking for a reliable watch at a reasonable price.

The above Nixon watch comparison guide is based on the customers’ ratings and reviews on and elsewhere. So make sure you get the best deal!

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