Best Cheap Watches: 7 Most Popular Cheap Watches In 2021

Best Cheap Watches

Best Cheap WatchesSo you are looking for the best cheap watches? Great! A cheap watch (in terms of price) is not necessarily a ‘cheap quality watch.

We all have our personal preferences on what it takes to make a quality timepiece, but it’s also true that you want the best watches for the price you pay.

We have searched for some of the cheap watches for men and women. All the watches in the list below are the best watches under 50. Many of them are priced under $20 or even under $10 or $5.

Most Popular Cheap Watches under 50: A Watch Buying Guide

So what are the best timepieces under 50? The interactive chart of the most popular affordable watches below will help you decide what the best cheap watch is for you.

The watch comparison report is based on the real customers’ reviews and ratings on

*Price: These are approximate prices on In this table:

$ = under $10, $$ = $11 to $20, $$$ = $21 to $30, $$$$ = $31 to $40, $$$$$ = $41 to $50.
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How to Select an Affordable yet Quality Watch?

The cheap watches compared here are the most popular watches as well. Not only do they have this elegant appeal, but they are trendy and contemporary.

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Many of us cannot afford an expensive Rolex or an Omega. While these are among the best watch brands, such watches are extremely expensive for an average person.

On the other hand, just because a watch is priced low, it is not necessarily a poor-quality timepiece. There are several cheap yet quality watches available which are worth every penny.

Getting the best watch has its benefits. The choice of a watch depends on individual taste and style. Likewise, there is no ‘fit-for-all’ watch available.

Different situations demand different watches. For instance, if you are a diver, you may want a watch with high water resistance.

So if you don’t have a ton of money to spare on many of the luxury watches, your wardrobe lacks variety. However, you can easily overcome this situation with affordable watches.

These look great and work well. Moreover, many of these cheap watches are from the most popular watch brands such as Casio, U.S. Polo Assn., Timex among others.

These watches make great gifts as well.

To help you look for the best watch under 50 for yourself or for someone you care about, we have compiled this comparison list of the perfect cheap watches under $50. The watches compared above are probably the cheapest watches out there.

Though these are not the watches of Switzerland (Swiss-made), considering the price, these timepieces offer the best value for your money. Our comparison is based on the people’s reviews and ratings on

Most of the watches in the list above are the best watches under $50. And, these cheap watches are the bestselling timepieces as well. In addition, many of the ‘cheap watches’ are priced low to match the quality!

While the best cheap watches compared above are among the most popular timepieces among men and women alike, the list is not by any means a comprehensive one.

There are several other quality yet affordable watches for men and watches for women available. So, if you think a particular watch brand or model is missing from the list don’t forget to mention it in the comments below.

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